Skills Challenge Certificate

The Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (SCC) is part of the Welsh Baccalaureate and will help you develop more complex skills, attributes and behaviours enabling you to be better prepared for your future destination, whether university, further training or employment.

The SCC will enable you to ‘plan, do and review’ as you gain and apply a range of transferable skills in different settings and contexts including planning and carrying out activities, reviewing outcomes as well as your own progress and development.

What will you study?

This Skills Challenge Certificate will help you to develop a whole range of core skills:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Digital Literacy
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Welsh & Bilingualism
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Creativity & Innovation
Individual Project

50% of the course

This is your opportunity to select a topic area that is complex in nature, inspires you and can benefit future applications and interviews. Explore an issue in more depth than is provided in other areas of study. Carrying out multi-faceted research will develop further your understanding of the topic and allow you to come to an evidence-based conclusion.

Enterprise and Employability Challenge

20% of the course

This challenge allows you to explore opportunities, create original ideas and achieve realistic outcomes to enhance your enterprising skills whilst having a taste of the world of work. You will devise your pathway to employment and independent living by becoming more self-aware through realistically and clearly identifying: Where I am now, where I want to be, and how do I get there?

Community Challenge

15% of the course

In this challenge, you will need to select a local, national or international community who you wish to support for 30 hours over at least a 4-week period. Your community activity must benefit the community and could be through one of many options.

Global Citizenship Challenge

15% of the course

This challenge allows you to understand complex issues the world faces, applying and deepening your knowledge by considering facts, ideas and opinions. Express your ideas by designing and delivering your solution to an audience.

Want to go on to university after college?

UCAS Tariff points to convert your qualifications and grades into a numerical value. Many qualifications have a UCAS Tariff value, and these will vary dependent on the qualification size, and the grade you achieved.

How are they used?

Some universities and colleges refer to UCAS Tariff points in their course entry requirements, but this doesn’t mean they won’t consider qualifications which don’t appear on the Tariff. Make sure you check the course entry requirements carefully!

All Welsh universities will include the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate in their offers!

The Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate carries the following UCAS points:

Advanced SCC GradeUCAS Tariff points

“Cardiff University accepts the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ) Advanced Diploma) for admission to all of its undergraduate degree programmes and the Welsh Baccalaureate Diploma Core will be accepted as equivalent to A Level.”

Cardiff University

“The Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate) is unusual as a qualification whose content is in large part led by students themselves. We enormously value the self-motivation, curiosity and independent-mindedness this approach to learning develops. It is these characteristics, along with three excellent A Levels, that we look for at competitive universities like Oxford.”

Jesus College, Oxford

“We welcome applications offering the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate), and recognise the valuable skills developed by studying for this qualification.”

Bristol University

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