Our vision and values

Our mission is simple – be all that you can be. Be you.

Bridgend College is a special place to learn and work. We want to create an inclusive environment which enables people to be innovative and passionate about what they do. We want to create inspirational opportunities which transform lives and celebrate the successes of every individual. We are committed to making decisions which are ethical and people-centred, for every person and in every interaction.

We know that the standards we walk past are the standards we accept, so by being a team player who is committed to our organisational values, we can ensure that everyone is ready to learn and work in an environment where they are respected and feel safe, to be all that they can be.

“We do what we do so our learners, our staff and the communities we serve are able to be all that they can be. This sense of purpose has inspired our mission over the last five years, and it’s something that will continue to drive us for the next five years.”

Simon Pirotte, Principal and CEO, commenting on the 2020-2025 College Strategic Plan

Our Values

Our values are reinforced throughout the College community. Every member of staff, learner and partner lives and breathes our core values that make up every aspect of college life.

Be People-Centred

We truly believe that every member of staff, every learner and every interaction counts. As such, we should each take responsibility for our actions, so if something doesn’t feel right, we value the opportunity for honest conversations so that we are constantly improving and developing. Remember, we serve those that we lead, and as such, we should always demonstrate positive behaviours to develop trust.

Be Innovative

We are pioneers, and as such, we aim to lead the sector in enforcing positive change. Yet it’s important to remain connected so that, as a community, we can achieve even more.

Be Inspirational

We always aim to be forward-thinking and planning for the future, as well as dealing with what’s going on in the here and now.

Be a Team Player

We always put on a united front and champion the decisions we make. We truly support each person that walks through our doors, and we ask for that same support in return.

Be Passionate

There is always room for improvement, so feedback should always be welcomed. When we are passionate about what we do, we each become a brand ambassador in our own right.

Be Inclusive

Every person can make an impact, no matter how big or small they may think it is. As such, it’s our responsibility to create a trusting environment where each person feels able to contribute ideas.

Our Vision

To be extraordinary

Bridgend College will be an extraordinary, high performing organisation, dedicated to the advantage of learning. We will attract individuals through nurturing a people-centred, inclusive and enabling culture that allows every individual to be part of something special, something unique. We will be an ethical organisation that consistently achieves excellence and excels through doing the simple things really well and celebrates the successes of every individual.

With passion and innovation, we will lead the way in influencing and shaping education and training. We will look beyond our own organisation and seek to collaborate with ethically minded partners, who also share our ambition to lead a transformation that will improve the life opportunities of our learners, our people and our communities. We will develop creative, happy and global citizens of the future who care for our world, our culture and each other.

Access to Higher Education
Access to Higher Education
Adult Basic Education
Agriculture & Countryside Management
Agriculture and Environmental Conservation
Agriculture, Wildlife and Countryside
Animal Care
Art & Design
Art, Design and Creative Media
Art, Design and Creative Media
Automotive Engineering (Light and Heavy Vehicle)
Bridgend College
Building Construction Brickwork
Building Services
Business Administration and Accounting
Care and Childhood Studies
Care and Childhood Studies
Care, Childhood and Landbased Studies
Care, Childhood and Landbased Studies
Carpentry and Joinery
Catering & Hospitality
Community College
Construction and Built Environment / Civil Engineering
Construction Plant Maintenance
Creative Arts, Education, Sport & Public Services
Creative Arts, Education, Sport & Public Services
Customer Service
Digital Technologies
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Installation
Facilities Management
Green Skills Courses
Hair & Beauty Therapy
Hair & Beauty Therapy
Health and Social Care
Horticulture / Sports Turf
Independent Living Skills
Independent Living Skills
Information & Office Technology
Information & Office Technology
Leadership and Management
Looking after people
Mechanical Engineering
Motor Vehicle
Motor Vehicle
Online Learning
Painting & Decorating
Part Time Provision
Part Time Provision
Part Time Provision
Penybont 6th Form
Performing Arts
Performing Arts
Public Services
Services to People & Skills
Services to People & Skills
Skills & Partnerships
Skills, Partnerships, Sport, Public Services, Digital Technologies and IT
Social Work
Step Up
Travel and Tourism
Veterinary Nursing
Work Based Learning
School Leavers
Part-Time Study
Adult Learners
Higher Education
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