We work collaboratively with national organisations to deliver innovative and extraordinary opportunities to develop your studies and career path.

Students can apply for the following strands:

  • Construction
  • Creative
  • STEM
  • Female into Leadership
  • Welsh Language
  • Enterprise and Business Start-up

Our scholarship programme has now closed for the 2022/23 academic year, but further details will be available in early 2023.

FAQs – applicant

How many scholarly strands can I apply for?

Individuals may only apply to one scholarly strand. It is expected that applicants for the programme are as a result of an individual’s interests in a particular subject area and career route.

What if I am awarded a scholarship but decide that the course isn’t for me?

We want to ensure that you receive great impartial careers advice and guidance to help you make the best choices. We want you to be happy and we know that sometimes circumstances change or perhaps things aren’t as we expected them to be. We would much rather a scholar move course than remain unhappy on their current course choice or even worse, drop out.

If you are thinking about changing course, you need to speak to your scholarship contact within the college to check whether you will still be eligible to receive the scholarly award. Some of our employer endorsers have set specific requirements associated with their sponsorship of a scholarly strand. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to retain your scholarly award.

How can the financial award be used and when will I receive this?

The financial award is designed to enable you to access experiences and opportunities that may otherwise be unobtainable. The financial element of the programme is not to support with costs such as enrolment fee, course trips, travel to and from college or food. You can discuss how and when you use your award with your college scholarship contact. As this is unique to each scholar, there are no set release dates for the financial element of the programme.

Can I apply for the programme more than once?

You may only submit one application for one scholarly strand in any one application cycle (one cycle per academic year). Individuals are only eligible to receive a scholarship place once. Unsuccessful applicants may apply in subsequent years.

What happens if I defer my course application but have been awarded a scholarship?

We are unable to defer scholarly places for any reason (including personal or extenuating circumstances). The scholarship programme is reviewed annually, based on the generosity and ongoing support from external partners and, therefore, we cannot guarantee that funding and support will be available in a subsequent cycle.

FAQs – employer sponsor

Do we have to offer a weekly placement or could we offer a block or series of blocks?

We want to ensure that we meet your needs, whilst creating a great opportunity for a young person to gain exposure within a professional and supportive environment.

Whilst we would need to consider each case individually, we are supportive of block placement options and project-based approaches, providing that these can be accomodated around teaching and timetable commitments.

How is the financial element of the scholarship managed and paid to the scholar?

There is no predetermined payment schedule. All funds will be held centrally by the college and assigned to each scholar. Each scholar will need to apply to draw down financial support for an identified purpose (eg travel, accommodation and attendance at a national conference or a visit or trip which supports the scholar).

A review of spends will form part of the scholarly review meetings to ensure that all monies are allocated prior to the end of the programme.

Access to Higher Education
Access to Higher Education
Adult Basic Education
Agriculture & Countryside Management
Agriculture and Environmental Conservation
Agriculture, Wildlife and Countryside
Animal Care
Art & Design
Art, Design and Creative Media
Art, Design and Creative Media
Automotive Engineering (Light and Heavy Vehicle)
Bridgend College
Building Construction Brickwork
Building Services
Business Administration and Accounting
Care and Childhood Studies
Care and Childhood Studies
Care, Childhood and Landbased Studies
Care, Childhood and Landbased Studies
Carpentry and Joinery
Catering & Hospitality
Community College
Construction and Built Environment / Civil Engineering
Construction Plant Maintenance
Creative Arts, Education, Sport & Public Services
Creative Arts, Education, Sport & Public Services
Customer Service
Digital Technologies
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Installation
Facilities Management
Hair & Beauty Therapy
Hair & Beauty Therapy
Health and Social Care
Horticulture / Sports Turf
Independent Living Skills
Independent Living Skills
Information & Office Technology
Information & Office Technology
Leadership and Management
Looking after people
Mechanical Engineering
Motor Vehicle
Motor Vehicle
Painting & Decorating
Part Time Provision
Part Time Provision
Part Time Provision
Penybont 6th Form
Performing Arts
Performing Arts
Public Services
Services to People & Skills
Services to People & Skills
Skills, Partnerships, Sport, Public Services, Digital Technologies and IT
Social Work
Step Up
Travel and Tourism
Veterinary Nursing
Work Based Learning
School Leavers
Part-Time Study
Adult Learners
Higher Education
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