In Partnership with Travis Perkins

Bridgend College’s Construction Academy, based at the Pencoed Campus, is home to over 1,200 students, each of whom is looking to learn a trade which will form the foundation of a life-long career in the industry. Each student benefits from the knowledge of the tutors and the state-of-the-art facilities, however in a time of tightened budgets, materials are at a premium. But when Brickwork tutor Rob Clover approached Paul Williams (Branch Manager - Bridgend Branch) and Brad White (Business Development Executive) from Travis Perkins to discuss a partnership which would benefit both the students and the local builders’ merchant, he didn’t appreciate the full scale of what could be achieved!

Travis Perkins have offered over 200 current Construction students at Bridgend College a “Trade Cash Card”, which gives each student a tailor made discount package, regardless of their trade, or the materials they are buying. By encouraging the students to visit their local stores, the hope is that a long lasting relationship between the brand and the students will be built. This means that the students will gain from the knowledge and advice that the Travis Perkins staff can impart.

Travis Perkins are also providing Bridgend College with a quantity of materials to be used for the construction of a new workshop, which will come as a real boost at a time when student numbers are rapidly increasing.

Rob Clover said; “To work in partnership with a household name like Travis Perkins is a fantastic opportunity. Not only does it mean that our students will have a surplus of materials to work with in a brand new space, but they’ll also benefit from the knowledge of the Travis Perkins staff in the local stores. Sometimes the difference between a good job and a great job is simply the mentoring that the boys have received”.

Brad White, Business Development Executive, Travis Perkins, said; “Our hope is that this partnership will not only strengthen our brand offering to the local community, but also that we can offer an extra service to the tradesmen and women of the future – together with Bridgend College, this is our opportunity to make a difference to these students, the local economy, and the construction industry”.

The first delivery of materials was delivered to Pencoed Campus on 11th December, where students gathered to celebrate the new partnership.

The delivery from Travis Perkins arrives at Pencoed

Cementing the partnership

(L-R) Paul Williams (Travis Perkins), Robert Jones (Bridgend College), Rob Clover (Bridgend College), Brad White (Travis Perkins), Tony Spiller (Bridgend College)





Posted on 12/12/2013 by Marketing