Bridgend College Corporation

Bridgend College is governed by the College Corporation which is responsible for determining the educational character and mission of the College and for oversight of its activities.  A full list of its responsibilities may be found in [Schedule 3].  The Corporation formerly was titled the governing body and members were called governors and those terms still are sometimes used today.
The College Corporation has 20 members.  The Instrument of Government [Schedule 1] (the legislation which governs colleges in Wales) lays down that a certain number of members must belong to certain categories. 

At Bridgend College the composition of the Corporation is as follows:

Business members


Community members


Local Authority members


Co-opted members


Staff members


Student members




The members of the Corporation currently are:

Business (7)

Mr. Ivan Toms
Mr. Tony Rees
Mr. Len Hancock
Mr. Colin Jones
Mr. Wyn Landon
Mr. Matthew Voisey
Mr. John Finch

Community (2)

Mr. Ian Skinner
Ms. Kath Lewis

Co-opted (3)

Mrs. Cheryll Rowlands
Mr. Paul Croke
Ms. Alwena Morgan

Local Authority (3)

Cllr. Mike Gregory
Cllr. Huw David
Ms. Deborah McMillan


Mr. Rob James (Teaching Staff)
Ms. Ruth Rowe (Support Staff)

Student (2)

Ms. Shannon Ashton-Ayres
Mr. Chris Jones


Mr. Simon Pirotte

Updated 21 May 2014

Bridgend College Governing Body and Committee Membership

[1] Schedule 1 to the Further Education Corporations etc. (Wales) Order 2006, No. 13

* Staff and student members must be nominated and elected by teaching and non-teaching staff and the members of the Students' Union, respectively.
Members of the Corporation appoint a Chair and Vice-Chair from among their number.  The current Chair and Vice-Chair of the Corporation are:
Mr. I. Toms., Chair, and
Mr. J. Finch, Vice-Chair

Bridgend College Corporation Committees

Bridgend College Corporation Responsibilities